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Hedge Funds Look to Japan for Opportunity

May 6, 2013

After decades of lackluster and even declining performance, Japanese equities are seeing renewed interest from hedge funds across the world. As the Bank of Japan enters a new era of loose money policy, mostly implemented through quantitative easing similar to that being undertaken in the US, a declining Yen has the largely export-focused Japanese economy […]

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Hedge Funds Lured by Unconventional Locales

April 29, 2013

Hedge fund managers might want to begin to learn some Czech as the Eastern European nation becomes one of the latest countries attempting to kickstart a domestic financial industry. The opportunity to establish Prague as a financial center comes as a change in European Union regulation, coming into effect in July, gives preferential treatment to […]

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New Hedge Fund Launches Decline

April 22, 2013

The former reality of frequent hedge fund launches is no more, with tighter fee margins and higher costs weighing down the industry. While, according to a recent article by the Economist, billion dollar hedge fund launches typically were viewed as commonplace in the past, current new offerings are generally much smaller and less frequent, causing […]

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Hedge Funds Face Growing Concerns over Perceived Corruption

April 15, 2013

Following the financial crisis, the general public has become increasingly skeptical of the financial industry, questioning whether many firms, including hedge funds, are acting ethically. According to an article from Forbes, there may be merit behind that skepticism. Referring to a report published by New York law firm Labaton Sucharow, which specializes in class-action securities […]

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Hedge Funds Face Compensation Overhaul

April 8, 2013

Over the past several years, since the height of the financial crisis, the financial industry faced increasing criticism regarding executive compensation. Around the world, taxpayers saw financial institutions being bailed out with public money, while bankers in general were forced to sacrifice very little. While there were some short term reductions in bonuses and incentives […]

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Hedge Funds Look Forward to 2013 Revival

April 1, 2013

After a strong finish to 2012 that saw many hedge fund managers enjoy the largest profits in several years, many in the industry are now becoming hopeful that 2013 will bring the same level of success. The Financial Times is reporting that the first quarter of this year will likely be one of the strongest […]

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Hedge Funds Faces Higher Compliance Standards

March 25, 2013

Though much of the financial industry has accepted and instituted stronger compliance and oversight measures following the financial crisis, a recent report from Risk.Net leaves many wondering if the hedge fund industry is on the same page. According to a Corgentum Consulting survey of Operational Due Diligence (ODD) analysts, a large majority of risk professionals […]

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