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For Job Seekers

Finding the best hedge fund jobs can be difficult and time consuming. Hedge Fund Jobs Digest has done the hard work for you. Every day our team scours all the online job boards (including both the big ones and the small niche sites) and puts only the best hedge fund job postings in a single database for you. We also provide access to exclusive opportunities posted directly by fund managers and niche recruiters. We then send you an email every weekday with all the new job opportunities – giving you a competitive advantage in your job search. We have hundreds of hedge fund jobs carefully edited and organized by category and provide our members with profiles of the top hedge fund recruiters. Once you identify your next career move, our exclusive salary and bonus pay research helps you negotiate the right compensation package.

5 Ways Hedge Fund Jobs Digest Makes Your Job Search Easier
1. We monitor every niche source of hedge fund job listings online.
2. Our expert editors screen all jobs for relevance and place the best jobs in our database.
3. The Compensation Comparison tool provides you with specific salary data to evaluate your options.
4. Our Recruiter Rolodex includes over 130 hedge fund recruiters from around the world.
5. We provide career management resources including links to: the top hedge fund blogs, research, industry indices, and associations.

In short, we connect you to all of the best hedge fund jobs, recruiters, and career resources to make your job search easier and more effective. Subscribe now to jump-start your hedge fund job search, find better career opportunities and get a competitive edge in the market.

For Employers and Recruiters
Our mission is to help make connections between hedge fund firms and experienced fund professionals from around the world. Our niche service attracts experienced candidates in the hedge fund industry who are serious about managing their careers.

Fast, Free Exposure and Personalized Support
Consider Hedge Fund Search Digest a resource for addressing your hiring needs. Submit your job opening to us, and we’ll promptly publish it at no charge. We review every job submission and follow up to ensure that we’re working with you for maximum effect. Our job listing newsletters are sent in daily editions, and your job openings will be specially highlighted to draw subscribers’ attention. Your openings will also be marked as a special opportunity on our website – the definitive database of hedge fund job opportunities.

A Superior Candidate Base
Unlike the large, generic job boards, you will receive applications from qualified professionals right to your email inbox. Your job opportunities are properly organized by specialty (portfolio management and trading, quantitative research and programming, accounting and control, marketing and operations) so you know the candidates you receive are in line with your hiring needs.

If you are looking for an effective tool to add to your hiring process, one that provides qualified candidates from inside the industry, Hedge Fund Search Digest is the solution.

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