Last Week’s New Hedge Funds

Major financial news sources are publishing articles with titles like, “Hedge funds hit troubled banks with a hiring binge”… now is the time to look out for hedge fund job opportunities. We’ll take a closer look at this trend later this week, and in the meantime, look to Hedge Fund Search Digest for listings of 100’s of current jobs and free weekly updates.

In the meantime, here’s our weekly roster of hedge fund launches. Most of them are new funds from established firms. That’s in keeping with the consolidation of the hedge fund industry that continues to be widely reported. In the coming weeks we’ll be looking into what this means for hedge fund employment.

The Ermitage Directional Fund (UK) is a new diversified fund-of-funds.
Endeavour Capital (UK) will launch a new fund.
The EMA Vietnam Fund is from Equity Management Associates (MA).
The MENA Associated Gas and Global Environment Fund is a joint venture of the Man Group and the International Petroleum Investment Corporation (UAE).
The Eddington Equity Opportunities Fund is a fund-of-funds from Eddington Capital Management (UK).
Quay Financials (Gibralter), a new firm, has launched a special situations fund and a managed futures fund, and others are under development.
The Global Emerging Markets Fund from Próxima Alfa Investments (Spain) will launch this year.
The I Master Fund from Connective Capital (California) has launched with a technology focus; the Emerging Energy Fund will launch later this year.
Advantage Capital Equity Solutions (FL) will launch the Advantage Capital Equity Fund II based on its asset-based lending business.
Skandia has opened a fund-of-funds.
Jointly with other asset managers, Universal-Investment (Germany) has launched the AG Ostalb Global Fonds and the H & K Titan Strategie Portfolio UI.
Polar Capital (UK) may launch funds this year to focus on credit markets and the environment.
Credit Agricole Asset Management (Luxembourg & France) has launched an agricultural fund.
Arcoda Capital Management (NY) has launched a global L/S healthcare fund.
Bay Hill Capital Management (MA) has launched a volatility multi-strategy fund.

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