Last Week in New Hedge Funds

This week’s roundup of last week’s hedge fund launches or announcements. This information does not constitute a formal index of funds, and is only intended to give job seekers an idea of where there’s activity. As we’ve reported, turmoil in the financial industry is resulting in hedge funds finding new opportunities and hiring talent away from banks. Click here to monitor the very latest intelligence on hedge fund jobs worldwide.

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Castlestone Management (NY) has launched its Aliquot Active Commodity Index Fund.
Denali Advisors (California) will launch a 130/30 fund this year.
Two new funds from Knighthead Capital (NY) are credit-focused and event-driven.
Citigroup will seed a distressed fund run by two former employees, Jeff Jacob and John Humphrey.
The MENA Plus Fund of Wittenham Investment Management (Singapore) is a fund-of-funds investing in emerging markets opportunities.
The CCM Partners Fund from Conative Capital Management is a new special situations fund from the managers of Bushido Capital Partners.
The Global Diversified Fund of Bedrock Alternative Asset Management is a fund-of-funds.
The Alternative Opportunities Fund from Dynamic Funds (Toronto) will hold a portfolio of (mostly) Dynamic’s own hedge funds.
Fincere will launch its Emerging Markets Portfolio Fund.
The Cable Forex Fund is from Tri Global FX (NY).
The LG Asian Green Fund is from Lloyd George Management.
The Olympia Energy Fund from Olympia Capital Management (Paris) is a diversified fund-of-funds.
Stonehorse Capital Management will launch a fund-of-funds in August.
Nomura Asset Management will manage a fund-of-funds-style entity to invest in bonds.
The Akamai Asia-Pacific Fund is from Robert Howe of Geomatrix (Hong Kong).

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