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How Hedge Funds Lure Proprietary Traders

October 4, 2010

The passage of the Volcker Rule in July is having its effect on hedge funds. The Volcker Rule limits banks from making risky bets with their own capital and from investing more than 3 percent of assets into hedge funds or private equity firms. There’s already been talk that major banks such as Goldman Sachs […]

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From Farmer’s Daughter to Hedge Fund Manager

September 27, 2010

You may not think being a farmer is a natural starting point for having a hedge fund job or running a hedge fund. But when you consider today’s volatile commodity markets, you may change your mind. Renee Haugerud’s father was a corn farmer in a small Minnesota town. Haurgerud says she got bitten by the […]

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Dream Job for New Hedge Fund Managers?

September 20, 2010

Citadel Asset Management, one of the giants in the hedge fund industry with $11 billion under management, has just launched an office in Boston to spawn the next generation of hedge fund managers. Citadel founder, Kenneth Griffin, reportedly got his start investing while at Harvard in the late 1980s. Now he wants to hire investment […]

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Getting More Women into Hedge Fund Jobs

September 13, 2010

Go work in a bar. That was the suggestion a friend gave Sara Grillo, after she lost her job at Lehman Brothers in 2008. Two years later, Grillo is co-manager of hedge fund advisor Diamond Oak Capital Advisors LLC, and is campaigning to help more women get into the finance industry. Grillo has set a […]

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Hedge Fund Seeding Creates Opportunities

September 6, 2010

Although money has been flowing back into hedge funds, much of it has gone only to the biggest, most established funds. Investors burned by the financial crisis, lock-ups, and even fraud have opted for the safety and transparency of big funds over the potential returns of a newer, smaller, more aggressive fund. But this has […]

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How to Succeed as a Hedge Fund Manager

August 30, 2010

How does a 33-year-old afford the $12 million home formerly owned by Lloyd Blankfein, head of Goldman Sachs? The Financial Post recently tried to answer that question as it looked at the meteoric rise of Bryce Markus, a senior portfolio manager with BlueMountain Capital Management LLC. BlueMountain is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor, which […]

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Hedge Fund Managers Move On

August 23, 2010

Several high profile hedge fund managers have decide to throw in the towel and leave the industry, citing growing frustration over increased regulations, higher taxes on profits and disappointment with returns. The latest is Stanley Druckenmiller, who managed $12 billion at Duquesne Capital Management, reports Reuters. His decision was reportedly due to “burnout”, after amassing […]

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