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Hedge Fund Strategies: Geographic Orientations

March 16, 2009

Hedge fund managers use a wide variety of trading strategies with differing levels of risk and return. Overall, their primary goal is to generate positive returns regardless of market conditions. There are dozens of hedge fund strategies and sub-strategies within those categories. Complicating matters is that there is no standardized system of classifying hedge funds […]

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Short-Selling: A Highly Volatile Trading Strategy

March 12, 2009

Last time we looked at what short-selling is, and how hedge fund managers use prime brokers to borrow securities to sell short. Jaeger, in his book, All About Hedge Funds: The East Way to Get Started, points out just how volatile short-selling can be. Suppose you open an account at a prime broker with $100,000 […]

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Hedge Fund Strategies: Short Selling

March 9, 2009

Short-selling by hedge funds attracted a lot of press attention in 2008, especially when the Securities and Exchange Commission, acting in concert with the U.K. Financial Services Authority, temporarily issued a ban to prohibit short selling in financial companies. Regulators wanted to “protect the integrity and quality of the securities market and strengthen investor confidence” […]

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The Latest Qualification for a Hedge Fund Job

February 5, 2009

Giant frauds like the Madoff scandal only succeed when people fail to ask the right questions, says Randy Shain, vice president of First Advantage Investigative Services, a due-diligence investigative firm based in California. Uncovering these scams requires financial skills, to be sure, but also a skeptical nature and the ability to ask the right questions […]

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The Most Promising Hedge Fund Strategies for 2009

February 2, 2009

A Lipper research poll says hedge fund managers think distressed securities, global macro and managed futures will be the best performing strategies in 2009. Managers also think the industry’s high fees are set for a trim, according to a report by Reuters. Managed futures, which we’ve mentioned recently, was the top-performing strategy in 2008, gaining […]

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Opportunities for Hedge Funds in 2009

January 29, 2009

And now for your weekly dose of optimism. Three-quarters of roughly 1,000 managers surveyed by Alpha Search Partners, an executive search firm, believe 2009 presents “the greatest investment opportunities of our lifetime.” According to a report by FIN Alternatives, many hedge fund managers are holding up to 50% of their assets in cash, and expect […]

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One Hedge Fund Strategy That Pays Off

January 26, 2009

While most hedge funds and fund of hedge funds lost money in 2008, one strategy stood out on the positive side. Managed futures gained 13.9% in 2008, its best annual performance since 1990, according to a report by HedgeFund Review using data from the BarclayHedge CTA Index. The term “managed futures” refers to a 30-year-old […]

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