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You hire a man to work for you for seven days.  You wish to pay him in gold.  You have one gold bar with seven parts — like a chocolate bar.

You wish to pay him one gold part per day, but you may snap the bar in only two places.  Where do you snap the bar so that you may pay him at the end of each day, and so that on successive days he may use what you paid him previously to make change?


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If you are seeking a job as a trader in a hedge fund firm, you’ll be asked in-depth questions about market fundamentals, such as interest rates, the direction of the markets, what type of securities you invest in personally, and what you like and why.

Expect some behavioral questions, designed to reveal your character, judgment and how well you’ll fit in with the culture of their firm. These can range from:

-Tell me about a time when your boss was wrong in his assessment of a situation. How did you handle it?
-Tell me about a time when you worked on a team and one team member wasn’t contributing his or her fair share? How did you handle that?
-What happened when you faced more work than you could handle, how did you respond?
-What are your biggest strengths … and your biggest weaknesses?
-Have you ever broken the rules? Why?
-What are the easiest decisions for you? The hardest?
-What would your colleagues from your school or previous job say about you?

Finally, remember to prepare some questions to ask the interviewer about his firm, to show your research and interest. And finish the interview enthusiastically, repeating your interest in the firm and be sure to follow up with thank you notes or emails.

It might also be a good idea to purchase a comprehensive guide to hedge fund jobs and interviewing which contains a list of potential interview questions along with more details on the answers than we have room for here.


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Hedge Fund Job Interview Questions

June 8, 2009

In the course of a 30-minute hedge fund job interview, you may only get a chance to answer a dozen questions. But developing a larger list of potential questions in advance, and practicing your responses, will make your answers seem that much more clear, natural and convincing. And there won’t be any discussion of pay […]

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