Hedge Fund Compensation Survey

Hedge fund investment professionals are invited to participate and the online survey only takes minutes to complete.

The survey, which has become the benchmark in hedge fund compensation, empowers hedge fund professionals to directly provide data on base and bonus pay levels, avoiding the problem of survey data bias due to estimates from outsiders. take the HF survey

Eligible participants who complete the survey receive the final Hedge Fund Compensation Report (a $397.00 value) free of charge in return for their participation in the survey.

Each year individuals from firms, both large and small, complete the survey, including:

  • Analysts and Sr. Analysts
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Traders
  • Marketing & Investor Relations
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Partners & Principals
  • Chief Financial Officers

The final report, which is published by year end, goes well beyond salary levels. The Report covers cash compensation, bonuses, firm performance and job satisfaction.

Data is collected directly from hedge fund managers and employees from firms of all sizes. Some of the individuals participating in past surveys represented well known firms including: Bank of New York Mellon, Barclays Global Investors, Black River, Brightpoint Capital, Carlson, Citadel, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Kellogg Capital Group, Lansdowne Partners, Morgan Stanley, and UBS.


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