Useful Reading for a Hedge Fund Job

It’s a new year and time to kick things off with a little extra motivation to land your next hedge fund job. So you might want to pick up a copy of Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager: From The Top, To The Bottom, And Back Again, by Keith McCullough and Rich Blake (Wiley).

McCullough is CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management (formerly known as Research Edge). Prior to founding his own research company, McCullough spent 10 years managing money at The Carlyle Group’s hedge fund, Magnetar Capital, as well as at Falconhenge Partners and Dawson-Herman Capital Management. He got his start as an institutional equity sales analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston after earning his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University. You may have also seen McCullough on Bloomberg Television, where he appears regularly. And his pre-market commentary “Early Look” appears on every trading day.

In Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager, McCullough walks you through his early years. Hockey skills took McCullough from Thunder Bay, Ontario, to Yale University, and his tenacity and work ethic took him from Yale to Wall Street. He started as an equity analyst at Credit Suisse then managed money at various hedge funds.

With a backdrop of the hedge fund world and the impending financial crisis, McCullough’s tale focuses more on the point that having a tireless work ethic and confidence in your own conclusions is the cornerstone of good business and success in the financial industry, according to a review of the book in ABA Banking Journal.

The book also provides insight into McCullough’s training methodology, a system based on exhaustive research, significant frequent-flyer miles, and resisting the status quo. His resisting of the status quo began early in the financial crisis of 2007, when McCullough’s analysis ran contrary to the powers around him and he was show the door at his firm. He then dived into the world of independent research and no-holds-barred criticism of an industry that all too often falls victim to groupthink.

Have you read the book? What other books would you recommend to kick off the year? Add your suggestions below.

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