Working With Recruiters for Hedge Fund Jobs

Is working with a recruiter a good way to find a hedge fund job? Especially if you are just starting out in your career? That’s what one recent graduate from Cass Business School in London, wondered.

He had just finished his MSc in finance and investment, while working part-time for a U.S. financial services company. But when he started working with recruiters, he felt they were less than helpful in helping him change career directions and get a hedge fund job. Instead, they kept steering him into positions similar to the one he already had. Should he continue to work with recruiters? How can he find the right ones?

Nick Stevens, chief executive of London recruitment agency Eximius Group, offered his advice in a recent article for the Financial Times. Stevens says most recruiters search online, so you need to tailor your online connections to draw their attention.

For instance, make sure you have a complete LinkedIn profile, with a lot of connections. And since recruiters will likely find you through search engines, you have to tailor the keywords in your CV and your online profiles to mention “hedge fund” along with your relevant qualifications, skills, and work experience.

Here’s a tip many people overlook. Advertisements for finance jobs often list the recruiter working with the firm. Even if the ad is out of date and the job has been filled, try contacting the recruiter to ask if he or she has any similar job openings. If you contact 10 recruiters in this manner, you’re likely to uncover hidden job opportunities.

If you are willing to be proactive, you can also contact the HR people or directors at a firm you would like to work for. Find the names on the company website. Ask what recruiters they work with. Even if the firm doesn’t have any immediate hedge fund job openings, you have a natural reason to contact the recruiters.

Naturally Stevens suggests that you try to work with recruiters. But he also says be mindful that it’s a two-way street. He notes that recruiters want to and need to maximize their time. So look for a way to return the favor by providing useful information or referrals in the future.

Would you recommend working with recruiters to get a hedge fund job? Or would you suggest focusing on networking or other methods? Add your comments below.

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