A Summer Reading List for Hedge Fund Job Seekers

Every summer, J.P. Morgan Private Bank sends its wealthiest clients a list of books chosen to appeal to the tastes of the uber-rich, according the Wall Street Journal. They are not necessarily books on getting rich or managing money since, presumably, these people have all the wealth they need. Instead, many are designed to spark cocktail party conversations. Reading a few could certainly help in your hedge fund job networking efforts. Here are a handful of the titles, with descriptions from J.P. Morgan. Plus a last-minute surprise suggestion on behalf of a crafty book promoter.

– The Corner Office by Adam Bryant. Bryant is the editor of the New York Time’s popular Corner Office column, which distills the wisdom of CEOs on how to hire the best people, build teams, and identify talent. Something the Wall Street Journal has describes as “the most important challenge of corporate leadership.”

-America’s Medicis: The Rockefellers and Their Astonishing Cultural Legacy, by Susan Loebl. The author chronicles the Rockefeller family’s vast collecting and fundraising reach and the family’s continued influence.

– On China, by Henry Kissinger. Kissinger has been receiving a lot of publicity lately on a speaking tour. Who better than the former Secretary of State who helped open the trading doors to China, to provide insight into China’s unique approach to diplomacy, strategy and political negotiations.

– The Startup Game: Inside the Partnership Between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs, by William Draper III. Draper is a third-generation venture capitalist and details the inner workings of the Silicon Valley he knows so well.

Then there’s one late-breaking addition, courtesy of a fast-thinking marketer at the publishing company. They suggest adding The Speed Traders, by Edgar Perez, to the list. This book details what is arguably one of the most important developments in trading and investing in a generation, namely the rise of high frequency, computer-driven trading. ” The Speed Traders explains everything there is to know about how today’s high-frequency traders make millions-one cent at a time,” according to a press release from The Open Press.

Author Edgar Perez does seem to have the investment chops to examine high frequency trading. He has organized high-frequency trading forums and been a presenter at Harvard Business School’s 17th Annual Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference.

What’s on your summer reading list? Any intriguing investing or business books you’d recommend? Add your ideas below.

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