Helping Students Learn About Hedge Fund Jobs

Jeremy Frommer, CEO of Hedge Fund Live, visited his alma mater, UAlbany, recently, to speak with students who are interested in hedge fund jobs.

Frommer majored in philosophy while an undergrad. But over a period of two decades on Wall Street, worked his way up from being a high yield bond trader at Kidder, Peabody & Co. to senior trader at Banker’s Trust to head of merger arbitrage at Royal Bank of Canada and then Bank of America. While at BoA, he developed algorithms for automated trading. After the 9/11 attacks, he left Wall Street to create Nexgen Trading and later sold it to a financial group, keeping a percentage of ownership.

Hedge Fund Live, his latest venture, aims to help college students who want to succeed in finance. The website is an interactive showcase revealing how traders actually operate at their desks. The site offers live video feeds in real time of trader’s desks, along with an eLearn section that provides instruction in finance. According to an article in the Albany Student Press, this is also the first site where you can speak with traders and view them live on the Internet.

Frommer also wants students to have a chance to manage real money. So is donating up to $100,000 to student investment teams at Duke University and Cornell University. The funds enable students to manage portfolios, with Frommer as their mentor.

Employers can also go onto the website to view students’ resumes and see examples of investment analyses posted online.

The eLearn section of may be of interest to anyone looking for a hedge fund job. It offers detailed video tutorials on such topics as: 25 Years of Wall Street History, Algorithm Trading 101, Basics Options Trading, Candlesticks 101, Evolution of Market Making, High Velocity Trading, How to Locate Financials, Macro Tech. Trading 101, Pivot Trading 101, Principles of Hedging, Trading Psych. Edge, Trading with Conviction, Wall Street Culture, and much more.

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