Top 12 Cities for Hedge Fund Jobs

To find the optimal city for hedge fund jobs, you have to look at local economies, costs of living, quality of life issues and many other factors. So, we did just that and there are both some expected results and a few surprises.

Hedge Fund Jobs Digest completed an analysis of the top cities for finding and working in a hedge fund career.  We looked beyond just the top funds in each city (although included) and examined what makes each city stand out because a career decision is part of a life decision. Night life, culture, cost of living, and what an area has to offer are all considered.

12. Zurich, Switzerland

11. Tokyo, Japan

10. Stamford, CT

9. Dallas, TX

8. San Francisco, CA

7. Hong Kong, China

Check out the full list of the Top 12 Cities for Hedge Fund Jobs on

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