Networking within the Hedge Fund Industry

Informational interviews are another excellent way to expand your network and uncover hidden opportunities. Research and identify a dozen or more prime brokerage firms, fund administrators and at least 30 hedge fund analysts or portfolio managers to contact. Make sure your resume is airtight and your personal introduction is down pat. You will want to call each of these professionals, introduce yourself, and ask for a few minutes of their time and advice on their experience in getting into the industry and their firm.

It’s a numbers game. You may only get one meeting for 20 or 30 calls. But if you can parlay that one informational interview into referrals to other professionals in the industry, and so on, you can gradually build an outstanding network.

Finally, research and attend industry events such as MARHedge and others.

You never stop networking when you are in the hedge fund industry. Constantly expanding your network of professional connections is both a good strategy for breaking into the industry and being successful throughout your career.

Here are some other resources that can help you network better:

Alternative Investment News

Hedge Fund Alert

Hedge Fund News


Hedge Fund Center

The Hedge Fund association

Hedge Fund Research

Hedge Fund Intelligence

CSFB/Tremond Hedge Fund Index

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John Chan July 19, 2009 at 10:10 pm

If you are in New York and are interested in networking with fellow hedge fund professionals please visit:

Purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity to build industry contacts, learn from one another, explore partnerships and potential job opportunities and have fun!

Who should Join:
Portfolio Managers
Investment Analysts / Professionals
Research Analysts (Buy / Sell Side)
Hedge Fund Service Providers
People interested in learning about the Hedge Fund Industry
University of Chicago Grads (my fellow alums).

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