When You Think Finding the Job Is Harder than Doing the Job

Regardless of one’s level of preparation, the hunt for a hedge fund job can be exasperating at times. Setbacks and rejections are inevitable, as is the case for most on the job quest, and setbacks and rejections are certainly not exclusive to those seeking a career in the hedge fund industry.

Improvements in unemployment rates do not translate into the hedge fund industry, which is, and will continue to be, a highly competitive arena. In short, it has always been a challenge to break into the industry and the broad improvement in the overall job market has had little to no effect on one’s prospects in the hedge fund industry.

Maintaining Your Edge

Job seekers need to guard against the debilitating effects of setback and rejection. While the emotional wear and tear is all too real, allowing it to overwhelm you, only spells disaster for future opportunities. Job seekers of all stripes, but particularly those pursuing ambitions for a hedge fund job, must project an image of unshakable confidence.

Avoid be overwhelmed by recognizing that you have no control over the obstacles you face, while understanding that you have total control over how you react to these obstacles. After all, most of what you are experiencing emotionally is the result of having no control, so let go! Accept it, and work only on that which you can controlyour reaction.

Avoid the Negative Spiral

After weeks of sending out resumes, mining your network and endless interviews, with no success, one’s natural reaction may be to push even harder. While a laudable notion, such persistence can become mindless and unproductive. The experts tell us that we need to disconnect, so that we can restore our energy and recharge our minds.

Establish a job-search routine, carve out time for yourself, and engage in physical activity to avoid the negative spiral.

Seek Feedback from Those You Trust

Having taken the opportunity to step back, restore your energy and recharge your mind, open yourself to the constructive criticism of those you trust. In concert with family members, trusted friends and associates, review your cover letters, resumes, social profiles, and digital footprints.

Make certain your qualifications are clearly and accurately stated, any supporting documentation is error free, and your digital footprint is professional and pleasing to prospective employers.

Consider mock interviews with a mentor to gather a better understanding of how you are coming across to hiring managers because, the longer you have been searching, the greater is one’s tendency to become negative.

Make the Necessary Adjustments

Armed with fresh perspectives and a refreshed mind, one must make the appropriate course corrections as revealed through interaction with family, trusted friends and associates, and mentors. The job-search process can be a humbling one―it can damage one’s confidence and diminish one’s positivism. Be alert to this reality and be constantly on guard with respect to your thoughts.

Ensure that you remain positive and always strive to make course corrections as the need arises. Most of all, recognize that this situation will not go on forever―you will land that hedge fund job!

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