How to Close Your Hedge Fund Job Cover Letter

Last time we looked at the opening paragraphs of a successful hedge fund job cover letter.

When it comes to the second paragraph, this section should also be tailored to the particular firm you are sending it to. Although this adds more time and effort, it emphasizes how serious you are about their particular opportunity. You can streamline this process by writing a number of different paragraph 2 templates, tailored for different types of hedge fund firms, and modifying them on an as-needed basis.

Your final paragraph reminds them that you’ve enclosed your resume, and describes what action will happen next. You might be proactive, ask for the interview, or say that you’ll follow up with a phone call within 10 days. Or you might mention that you look forward to hearing from them soon, and thank them for taking the time to look over your resume.

Some other tips include letting others sing your praises. If you have a one-sentence quotation or recommendation from someone else (especially someone from a well-known firm or institution), you might want to include that. You can also use research to differentiate yourself, by including facts about their organization and tying that in with your experience.

Above all, always keep the interests of your prospective employer in mind. Try to slant your letter towards what they want and need. What’s in it for them and what you can bring to their organization.


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