Hedge Funds Jobs – Creating an Effective Resume

The first step at landing that coveted hedge fund job is putting together a dynamic resume that catches the attention of a portfolio manager or principal. There are several characteristics common to winning hedge fund resumes.

The first is impact. First impressions count. So your resume has to grab their attention and stand out as unique in the first 15 to 20 seconds. One of best ways of doing that is to craft a powerful “summary of qualifications” paragraph at the very top of your resume.

This summary is really a quick profile of who you are, what you’ve done that sets you apart, and why they should invite you to an interview. Think of it as your “elevator pitch.” If you suddenly found yourself riding an elevator with the founder of a hedge fund you want to work for, what would you say in 25 words or less that would begin a conversation?

The next key section is experience. What experience have you had, either at a hedge fund, asset management company or investment bank that indicates your interest and expertise in investing? Recognized excellence in your professional career, academics and other signs of leadership are good things to include here, along with any professional designations such as a CFA. Hedge fund managers also look for:

– Quantitative experience and strong analytical abilities
– “Brand” name schools and employers
– Some extra edge or unique experience, such as sales, asset gathering, IT skills, or quantitative modeling
– An ability to work in teams
– Signs that you are hungry for the job, smart, humble, and willing to learn

Next time, we’ll cover a few more critical elements of an effective hedge fund resume, along with an excellent source for sample resumes.

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