Are You a Woman Struggling to Snare a Job in Hedge Funds?

Male portfolio managers outnumber women 20 to 1. This might suggest gender bias on the part of hedge funds. However, it might also suggest that women aren’t seeking this line of work. How can the facts be known?

For example, 34 percent of doctors in the United States are female, about one in three. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of men in the nursing profession stands at 9 percent. Is anyone suggesting that the nursing profession has a gender bias?

How about, dietitians, nutritionists, teacher’s assistants, and occupational therapists—only around 10 percent of these positions are held by men. Is this gender bias? Male conductors and yardmasters outnumber women 20 to 1. Where is the outcry? Isn’t the gender bias equally evident in this profession?

Is It Possible?

Let’s go way out on a limb here and consider the possibility that many women may not aspire to a position in the hedge fund industry. Of course, such a headline will not attract readers. It is much easier to malign an entire industry and gain clicks than it is to venture out onto a politically incorrect limb. However, for a variety of reasons, many men have no desire to work in the hedge fund industry either. That may say something about the hedge fund industry but, it certainly doesn’t say that it is prejudiced against women.

The Truth Is

Hedge funds would very much like to see more women entering the profession. In part, because of the bad rap the industry is confronting, but mostly because hedge fund managers are intelligent, and understand that excluding one-half the population diminishes their ability to find great talent.

The hedge fund industry is all about results and if women make those results happen, they will be welcomed with open arms. The industry is a meritocracy, not an old boys club. Headlines that imply gender prejudice in the hedge fund industry become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If women are led to believe that pursuing a career in hedge funds will result in a constant battle between the sexes, then fewer women will choose this pursuit. In short, those in the media making these assertions are creating unwarranted headwinds for women.

What About Hedge Fund Jobs?

If you are a woman, this is the best of times to pursue a hedge fund career, in part, because hedge funds are anxious to shed the gender bias label, but largely because there is a shortage of talent in the industry.

Hedge funds are finding high levels of competition with tech firms for talent, particularly for quant and data scientists. This talent, male and female, has their pick of places to work. This talent, regardless of gender, is seeking a modern and diverse work environment. Hedge funds must make a greater effort to accommodate them or they will bring their considerable talents to other industries.

Women harboring an interest for a career in the hedge fund industry will find no better time than now to throw their collective hats into the ring.

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