Are You Cut Out for a Hedge Fund Job?

The folks at, an online trading service for Forex traders worldwide, recently offered their take on what it’s like to work at a hedge fund. Which is to say, quite different from working at an investment bank.

Hedge funds vary in size, of course. At a smaller fund, the hedge fund manager is often CEO, founder, and in charge of the entire operation, and may have started the fund. At these funds, managers are often responsible for:
– Managing the portfolio and accounting operations
– Hiring/firing of personnel
– Making final trade decisions
– Monitoring portfolio risk
– Finding new hedge fund opportunities

Basically, your hedge fund job will likely be driven by the size of the fund. In smaller funds, traders will be involved with the operations of the trade. Whereas in larger funds, they may be operations personnel or even whole departments set up to handle the transactions.

Gone are the layers of marketing, administrative, operations and human resource staff you might find at an investment bank. As a result, many of these tasks are either handled by the hedge fund managers, or delegated to staff.  In a smaller fund, be prepared to be more entrepreneurial – a jack-of-all-trades.

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