New Hedge Funds to September 26

Amid ongoing liquidations in the face of poor performance and difficult fund-raising, there has been quite a lot of hedge fund launch activity in the past few weeks.

Astra Investimentos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) has launched the Astra Credit Fund.
The Vallea Fund is a joint venture of Laven Partners (UK) and Vallea Capital.
The Venus Index Plus Fund is from Venus Capital Management.
FrontPoint Partners will soon launch a new tech fund.
Rosemount Capital Management (Dublin, Ireland) has launched a new fund.
Baring Asset Management will soon launch the Baring Alpha Currency Fund.
SFCS Titans is a fund of funds from SFCS Capital (Geneva, Switzerland).
Thames River Capital (London, UK) will launch two funds of funds focused on Asia and Africa.
Samena Capital
(Bahrain) will focus on Asia and the MENA region with its Samena Special Situations Fund.
Société Générale will launch two emerging markets funds.
Synergy Global Capital (London, UK) has launched an ABL fund, the Synergy Global Finance Fund.
The Tacticus Opportunity Fund (New York City) will launch as a L/S credit fund.
Volathon Capital Management is a new volatility fund that will begin trading next year.
Investcorp has launched the Investcorp Real Estate Credit Fund.
A to B Capital Management (New Jersey) is planning their first, special situations hedge fund.
The Chirin Asia Absolute Alpha Fund will launch from Chirin Capital (London and Singapore).
Arkanar Financial, previously Camelot Global Investment, will launch a global macro fund.
Pappajohn Financial Holdings (New York City) has launched the Pappajohn Capital Partners Fund.
The Serengeti Emerging Markets Multi Strategy Fund is from Global Evolution.
System Absolute Return (Zurich, Switzerland) has launched the SAR Four Seasons SP.
Brotman Capital Management (Boca Raton, Florida) has launched a market-timing fund.
The Cedarcroft FX Fund is from Cedarcroft Capital (Atlanta, Georgia).
Seager Capital Group (Dallas, Texas) has launched an equity-market neutral hedge fund.
Fortis Investments has launched its Clean Energy Fund.
Wayfarer Capital (Boston, Massachusetts) is the first hedge fund from Kenneth Heebner, a mutual fund manager.
The ABR Signature Select Insurance Fund is a multi-strategy fund of funds from ABR Capital (Norwalk, Connecticut).
Platypus Capital Management (Sydney, Australia) will launch an Asian equity L/S fund.
The PGS High Income Trust is a fund of funds from Parker Global Strategies (Stamford, Connecticut) that will invest in US energy infrastructure.
The Gartmore European Absolute Fund will be launched by Gartmore Investment Management.
Mark McGoldrick formerly of Goldman Sachs intends to manage his own fund.
The Vaquero US EM Credit Fund has been launched by Vaquero Global Partners (San Antonio, Texas).
SJC Capital Management has been founded by Stephen Czech formerly of Contrarian Capital Management.
Gamco Investors will launch a green hedge fund.
The ARP Private Finance Fund is an ABL fund of funds from Absolute Return Partners (UK).
Borton Capital is a new e-commerce and alt energy fund from entrepreneur Alex Bugeja.
CQS (UK) has launched its CQS Global Volatility Fund.
Janus Capital Group (Denver, Colorado) has launched its Janus Adviser Modular Portfolio Construction Fund, a fund of funds.
The PSigma Balanced Managed Fund of Funds is from PSigma Investment Management (London, UK).
The Altea Global One Fund is the first, global macro hedge fund from Kraus Partner Investment Solutions (Zurich, Switzerland).
The Iveagh Wealth Fund is a multi-strategy fund from the Guiness family office, Iveagh Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland)
The Mont Blanc Summit Fund is a credit fund of funds from Peak Partners (Geneva, Switzerland).
Tesseract Capital (New York City) is the new hedge fund of Michael Graves.
Viresco International Capital Management (San Diego, California) has launched its Viresco Opportunities Global Fund, a clean tech and energy fund.

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