Hedge Fund Association Launches Academic Advisory Board

For students interested in becoming financial moguls, the Hedge Fund Association is launching a new advisory board that will provide career information, educational resources and insights into the industry. This is an opportunity for college students to fine-tune their resumes and make connections with fund insiders. Those with the ambition and drive to work at a hedge fund need to distinguish themselves from other candidates by actively participating in events and social gatherings.

Guest Speakers

According to Business Wire, hedge fund managers and investors will be among the guest speakers at symposiums held on select campuses. These speakers will focus on contemporary issues in finance and ethics, and lectures will provide a comprehensive view of what it takes to succeed in the hedge fund industry. Webinars, online content and reports on current trends will aim at enlightening students and enhancing their job prospects. For currently enrolled students interested in becoming a member of the association, there is a 50 percent discount on the $100 membership fee.


Though it is not easy for many people to do, networking is one of the best ways to drum-up desirable job leads and land interviews. There are many individuals that can perform the analytics of portfolio management and asset allocation, but not all candidates have the soft-skills needed to be effective leaders or team members. Becoming a part of the Hedge Fund Association exposes one to some of the top practitioners in the industry. Making these key connections with some of the senior members who may then become advocates can benefit students as well as hedge fund job seekers immensely.

Key Points

While relationships and networking are important, hard work and solid resume bullet points are also effective at landing jobs. Oftentimes students, or those early in their careers, do not have much of relevance to put on their resumes, making it difficult to obtain interviews. Documenting volunteer work or other activities with the Hedge Fund Association is a good way to beef-up resumes and present a better picture to potential employers. Those with the right bullet points are sure to standout in the crowd.

Additionally, the academic advisory board of the Hedge Fund Association can empower students and give them insight into starting a career in the industry. While there is no substitute for hard work and merit, having the right connections doesn’t hurt either.

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