This Week in Hedge Funds

We watch for new hedge funds, including fund-of-funds, each week.

V-Pro by Quaesta Capital of Switzerland is a L/S foreign exchange volatility fund that will start trading at the end of the month
The India Dynamic Fund is a multi-strategy fund run by Kotak Mahindra Bank in India
John McPherson formerly of Société Générale will launch the energy-focused Homestake Trading Fund under Sequoia Financial Advisory Services in Portland, OR
Veriton Fund Management in Connecticut will be the new firm of Amaranth founder Nicholas Maounis
The UK-based Ebullio Commodity Fund launched this month, and the Ebullio Power & Emissions Fund will launch next quarter
Aaron Nieman will run a new event-driven strategy at Blackstone Altius Advisors in Hong Kong
The Dislocation Fund of Morgan Creek Capital Management is targeted as a $500 million distressed fund-of-funds
Pensato Capital is run by Graham Clapp formerly of Fidelity Investments and will launch a Europe-focused L/S equity fund
Former employees of Shooter Fund Management have founded Dacharan Capital to invest in currencies
Former employees of Iron Mountain Capital Partners will launch the Veritas Global Alpha Fund, a fund-of-funds
Mark Fuchs formerly of Credit Suisse will start a regionally-focused hedge fund in Singapore
The Bohong China Arbitrage Fund in Shanghai and Hong Kong will trade various asset classes
The Yield Curve Opportunities Fund is sponsored by Magnum Global Investments
The Emerging World Fund of Focus Capital opened this week

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