This Week in Hedge Funds

HANRiver Capital will launch a Korea-focused hedge fund in July
Threadneedle will launch a commodities hedge fund in the fall
The Hermosa Capital Fund, based in California, will hold positions in ETFs globally
San Diego-based Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management launched its US Systematic Large Cap Growth 130/30, US Systematic Small-Mid Cap 130/30, and Global Equity 130/30 funds
AlphaTran Capital, a new global long/short equity hedge fund, was seeded with $50 million from Thames River Capital
Brevan Howard (BH) Global is a listed feeder fund targeted at $500 million to be launched at the end of May
The Veotoro Commodities Hedge Fund aims to raise $250 million, employing a relative value strategy in commodities and global energy sectors; managed by Virgilio Guma formerly of Merrill Lynch
Greg Coffey will leave GLG Partners in October and likely start his own fund
Galleon Group will run an Asian macro fund expanding from $250 million, as part of its new Singapore operation
Hagin Investment Management will offer a market-neutral hedge fund later this year, managed by Kathleen DeRose and Nathan Lee
Blue Oar Asset Management will launch a European long/short equity fund, also later this year
Ermitage Group’s Clean Resources Fund is a green fund of funds
Lu Jun of Congrong Capital Investment Management, formerly of JPMorgan in China, has raised $43 million for what is effectively a domestic hedge fund

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