Schwab Enterprise Changes Hands: News in Hedge Fund Recruiting

Landing, or offering, a hedge fund job means working with the busy, colorful world of hedge fund recruiting, and that’s why one of our themes is: Know your recruiter. Productive relationships with recruiters can last an entire career. Successful candidates advance, become clients with positions on offer, and then perhaps become candidates again at the partner level. Plan on each relationship lasting a lifetime.

There might be a few hundred recruiters worldwide with a really strong hedge fund practice, and these are the ones to know about — not that trying to maintain too many such relationships is a great idea, but knowing the lay of the land is.

Schwab Enterprise is a specialist hedge fund recruiter and regularly posts to Hedge Fund Search Digest’s job database. CNN pitches the story of Schwab’s incorporation into mega-recruiter Heidrick & Struggles as the story of a giant of the recruiting world growing another limb. But since recruiting is a relationship business — a person-to-person business — the interest of the story lies in the fortunes not of the large firm, but the small one, and more specifically, of the individuals at that firm you already have, or may yet have, a relationship with.

Get in touch with other small, hedge fund-focused recruiting shops like Schwab — worldwide — using Hedge Fund Search Digest’s Recruiter Rolodex.

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