The Bear Job Market

JPMorgan: 26,000 employees in Investment Banking and Trading
Bear Stearns: 14,000 employees

That could be a lot of people looking for work – see Reuters’ recent article: “Bear Stearns employees flood Wall Street rivals with resumes.” A financial recruiter, The Options Group, reports receiving 10-15 resumes per day from Bear employees. Are there jobs for these job-seekers? Its chief notes, “[s]electively we are seeing demand from hedge funds, where we are seeing people who are looking for private equity-type bankers to come in and help them grow their businesses.”

With plenty of resumes circulating and the tendency of hedge fund job opportunities as yet unclear, this is a good time to be aware of and in touch with hedge fund recruiters. Read our archived interviews with several from preeminent recruiting firms, with their advice about how to get in touch, stay in touch, and stand out of a crowd.

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