Wide Scope for Engineers

The business and financial knowledge required by hedge fund IT jobs varies widely according to the position. While a quant job definitely requires financial expertise, a solid engineer can land a job developing trading or accounting systems with no experience in the markets at all. Or, he or she can build on a base of existing financial experience by leveraging it in a position closer to the action. Here are two examples:

Software Engineer, Los Angeles, CA
Hedge fund and leading alternative asset manager; over $18 billion AUM ——– Role to support the design and implementation of new systems and components ——– Requires 3+ years of application development experience; competence with Visual Studio 2003/2005, .NET 2.0, ASP.NET, C#, C++ or Java; solid experience with SQL Server, Oracle, or Sybase.

C# Quantitative Developer ($200k), CT
Hedge fund looking for a full-time senior developer ——– Equities, fixed income, others; a pure Microsoft shop, .Net, C#, SQL ——– Should have front office, risk and trading experience; strong SQL knowledge; 5+ years experience with a quantitative background

(Stew Koenig is a hedge fund recruiter focusing on IT. His remarks on working in a small shop from the IT professional’s perspective: “The candidate will have to cover a lot more ground. That translates into greater utilization of their skill sets, and it also creates lots of room for growth. Also, everything you do is more visible because there aren’t three levels of management above you taking credit for your work.”)

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